Guide to Completing The Application Form

To apply for a design, complete the appropriate application form below or, you can complete the on-line application form here.  The completed form should be accompanied by the prescribed fees.

It is possible to apply for up to 100 designs in one application, known as a multiple application. Except in cases of ornamentation, this is subject to the condition that the products in which, or to which, it is intended to apply the designs, all belong to the same class of the Locarno system of International Classification.  A multiple application is subject to payment of the additional application fee of €25.00 per design. Where a multiple application contains a request for deferment of publication, the additional fee for deferment of publication applies in respect of each design that is subject to the request.

Each of the designs contained in a multiple application should be numbered consecutively by the applicant using Arabic numerals inserted on the back or reverse side of the representations of the designs filed. Where more than one representation of a particular design is submitted, each of the representations of that design should be assigned the same identification numeral.

Single designSingle Design application formSingle Design application form
Multiple designsMultiple Design application formMultiple Design application

Before completing the application form you should consult the relevant guide: 

·         Guide to Completing the Single Design Form

·         Guide to Completing the Multiple Design Form