4 Reasons 4 Copyright

Copyright exists automatically in original creative works without the need of official registration. It grants authors moral and economic rights, including lengthy protection from unauthorised copying and use.

All organisations are likely to have some copyright-protected works. Copyright protects a broad range of creations, including books, articles, brochures, advertisements, music compositions, films, original pictures, drawings, architecture, maps, databases and software programmes. It prevents the unlawful use of a work, enhances reputation for creativity, provides a platform for collaborations and improves access to finance.

Awareness of copyright is also essential to legitimately use or exploit the creations of others with the authorisation of the right holder.

4iP Council developed the original version of this interactive guide in cooperation with eminent academics and experts to share best practice and deepen understanding of the value of copyright. Original Source: 4 Reasons 4 Copyright | 4iP Council