What is intellectual property?

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Intellectual property (IP) is a property right established in law to exclude others from using, without authorisation, your intellectual creations. IP rights allow you to commercialise and exploit your innovative and creative ideas. IP rights consist of:

  • patents, which protect innovative technical solutions in all lines of industry,
  • copyrights, which protect original intellectual creations in the creative arts,
  • trademarks, which protect distinctive marks indicating a product’s business origin,
  • designs, which protect the visual appearance of the product.

Beyond these formal IP rights, businesses may also opt for protection of their own confidential information from misappropriation by keeping it a trade secret. 

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What do they protect?

An invention: a new and innovative way of doing something, or solving a technical problem

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A work: an original intellectual creation

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A new and original visual appearance of a product

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Distinctive signs that identify brands of products/services

Any type of useful information for business that is secret and kept confidential

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Examples of what is protected

Inventive products and processes in all lines of business

For examples of successful inventions by SMEs

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Audio-visual works, pictures, graphics, architecture, databases, software, designs, literature, novels, poems, plays, music and video, dramatic works

Packages, containers, furnishings, graphic symbols, computer icons, typefaces, graphical user interfaces, logos and maps

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Words, personal names, designs, letters, numerals, colours, shapes, packaging, sounds

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Any confidential information: business methods, customer lists, R&D data, financial information, cooking recipes, software, datasets, know-how, algorithms

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How are my rights protected?Prevents unauthorised making, using or selling of the patented invention

Prevents the work being(without authorisation) copied, published, distributed or made available online

Protects the integrity and attribution of the work

Related rights:
Public performance and display of the © work

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Prevents unauthorised use of an identical or similar visual appearance for the same kind of products and/or services

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Prevents unauthorised use of distinctive signs for the same or related products or/services

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Prevents others from using the confidential information, as long as it remains secret

Allow to claim monetary compensation in case of unlawful disclosure of the confidential information

How long is my innovation protected?Up to 20 yearsLifetime of the author +50 to 70 years after death (depending on the country)Up to 25 years for registered designsIndefinitely, subject to use in commerce and renewalsIndefinitely, provided it is not revealed
Do I have to register it?

Yes, filing an application to a patent office is required

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No, copyright protection arises automatically with its creation

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No, but it is highly advisable: Unregistered designs are protected only from unauthorised copying and they have shorter term of protection (up to 3 years versus up to 25)

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EUIPO - Route to registration

Yes, Three routes to registration:

National protection:



EU-wide protection:

International protection:
WIPO Madrid System

Ireland (IE)

How long does it take?3 to 5 yearsn/a

3 to 12 months, depending on the country


3 to 24 months, depending on the countryn/a
How much does it cost?

Medium to high (from 6000€)


If registered: low (from 15€)Low to medium (500€)Medium (1000€)Nothing
How do I start?

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