Apply for a Patent Online

The mere act of filing a patent application does not mean that a patent is or will be granted for an invention.  All patent applications are examined on their merits to ensure that they meet the patentability requirements for grant as set out in the legislation (Patents Act 1992).

I acknowledge that details of the application will be entered in the Office’s Patent’s Register and databases which are made available to the public for consultation and inspection.  Any personal information collected through use of the online filing system is collected for the purposes of the Patents Act 1992 and associated Rules.  Further information may be found on the Office’s Privacy Policy.

By using this online filing system, applicants or patent agents acting for applicants agree to being corresponded with by email in relation to all matters concerning the  application.

Using and navigating the online application form.

  • To proceed through the form or return to previous pages, please use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • DO NOT use the back or forward buttons on your browser as this will take you out of the form and you will lose any data entered. 
  • Only documents in PDF(.pdf) and WORD (.doc and .docx) format can be uploaded.
  • Only files of less than 12 MB can be uploaded.
  • Your application form can be saved onto your PC by using the “Save as draft” button on the top of the screen for subsequent retrieval and completion at later date.
  • You should not attempt to interfere with the functionality of the e-filing system and should not attempt to upload files with malicious content.
  • The online application process requires payment of the filing fee by debit or credit card before the application is considered submitted.