Statement of Inventorship

A patent application must be accompanied by a statement of inventorship if:

  • you are the applicant but not the inventor
  • there is more than one inventor and they’re not listed as applicants
  • you are applying on behalf of a company

A statement of inventorship provides the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland with information about who the inventor is and why the inventor has the right to apply for the patent.

The statement of inventorship is incorporated in the Offices online patent e-filing system and may also be made by completing the relevant section of the paper Patent Application Form No 1. Alternatively, a statement of inventorship may be made on Form No 2. and submitted separately. 

The person(s) designated as the inventor(s) will be mentioned in the published  patent application, in the Patent Register and in the Office’ Official Journal.

If you fail to file or complete a statement of inventorship when you file a patent application, you must correct this deficiency within sixteen months after the date of filing or the earliest priority date, otherwise your application will be refused