Use of State Emblems

The Controller may refuse an application for the registration of a design that incorporates a protected official symbol or emblem.  In Ireland, the harp and the shamrock are state emblems.  Use of the harp is generally reserved for organs of states, such as government departments or other state bodies.

Authorisation to use the shamrock can extend to use in a commercial sense where it can clearly be established that there exists a real and substantive link between the goods in question and Ireland. However, any person who wishes to use the state emblem of the shamrock must first gain the consent of the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment to do so.

There is no formal application form.  However, an application for the consent of the Minister may be made in writing or by email to:

The Intellectual Property Unit of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment 
Intellectual Property Office of Ireland 
Hebron Road 

Telephone number: 056 7720150