Trade Marks Practice and Procedures


CP11 Common Communication and Common Practice – New Mark Types
CP11 Frequently asked questions

01-04-2021CP12 Common Communication and Common Practice – Evidence in Trade Mark Proceedings and Appeals
15-10-2020CP8 Common Communication and Common Practice - Use of a Trade Mark in a form differing from the one Registered
27-05-2020Guidance Notes S.I. No. 628 Trade Mark (Amendment) Rules 2019
01-04-2020Distinctiveness of three-dimensional marks containing verbal and/or figurative elements
25-11-2019Unacceptable Goods and Services
18-07-2017Intellectual Property Office of Ireland Practice Regarding Trade Mark Disclaimers
06-03-2015Submission of Notices and Documents by Email
06-03-2015Acceptable Correspondence for Email
02-01-2016Common Communication and Practice - Figurative Marks containing descriptive non-distinctive words
02-01-2016FAQs on Common Practice Distinctiveness - Figurative marks
22-12-2015Guidelines for Corresponding with Trade Mark Examination Division by Email
22-12-2015Trade Mark Examination Practice
22-12-2015Nice Classification - 2016 Class Headings
22-12-2015Information in Relation to Collective Trade Marks
22-12-2015Information in relation to Certification Trade Marks
22-12-2015Scope of Protection of Black & White Marks
22-12-2015FAQs Scope of Protection of Black and White Marks
22-12-2015Common Communication on Relative Grounds of Refusal
22-12-2015FAQs Relative Grounds of Refusal
28-10-2015Common Practice on the General Indications of Nice Class Headings
03-11-2014 Certified and Uncertified Documents
04-08-2011Honest and Concurrent Use Procedure