Statutory Design Fees

The following are the basic fees for securing and renewing a design registration.

On application

The fee for an application to register a single design is €70.00.

In the case of an application to register multiple designs, the fee is €70.00 plus €25.00 per design.

Example: A multiple application consisting of 10 designs the amount due is €70.00  plus €25.00 x 10. Total = €320.00

The application fee must be paid in order to receive a filing date.

On renewal

Section 29 of the Industrial Designs Act 2001 provides that a design shall be registered with effect from the filing date of the application for registration.

In order to keep a registered design in force, it must be renewed on the fifth anniversary of the registration date (in effect its filing date) and every five years after that, up to a maximum of 25 years.
The fee on application for the renewal of a design for a second period of five years is €50, for a third period of five years €70, for a fourth period of five years €80 and €100 for a fifth period of five years.

The foregoing are the basic fees for securing and renewing a design registration.  There are various other fees for matters such as requests for deferment of publication, requests to amend an application and requests to record transactions such as assignments and licences etc.