The Copyright Notice and Symbol

The Copyright Notice and Symbol ©

It is important to show that copyright is claimed in a work.  Works should be clearly marked to show who the copyright owner is and the date from which copyright is claimed.  The internationally recognised symbol © is normally used to indicate that a work is protected by copyright.


© Copyright Sean Smith 2004.  

Examples of more detailed copyright notices may be found in published versions of literary works. The inclusion of a copyright notice does not legally constitute proof of ownership, but does indicate a claim to copyright, which may prove useful if it is necessary to defend that claim or to deter possible infringement.

It is usually necessary to obtain permission to use copyright material.  Persons with a copy of a work can look for an indication on the work regarding copyright. This can assist making contact with the author/ original creator of the work in order to obtain their permission to use the work for any act, which is prohibited by copyright legislation.