WIPO PROOF – Trusted Digital Evidence

On 27 May the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) launched a new online business service, WIPO PROOF, that provides tamper-proof evidence of the existence at a point in time of any digital file, in any format. The new service complements WIPO’s existing intellectual property (IP) systems and is specifically designed for the increasingly digital world where innovation and creativity are enabled by technology, big data and global collaboration.

WIPO PROOF produces secure and tamper-proof evidence which you can use to prove that your digital file existed at a specific point in time – and can be verified by anyone. This can help prevent misuse and misappropriation and can be used in resolving legal disputes.

In seconds, WIPO PROOF uses industry-leading secure technology to generate a globally recognized digital fingerprint of your intellectual asset. This is your WIPO PROOF token – a unique fingerprint of your digital file, dated and timestamped the second it is created. You receive your token and another copy is stored securely on WIPO servers in Switzerland.

WIPO PROOF offers innovators and creators in virtually all industries a fast and effective way to safeguard digital files, at an affordable cost. The simple to use process enable users to upload a digital file in any electronic format and the local browser will generate a unique digital fingerprint of that file. The resulting WIPO PROOF token is then downloaded, providing tamper-proof evidence of the existence of the digital file at that point in time. The token will contain information of the category of to which the file belongs, which includes the following:

•            Trade secret (undisclosed know-how)

•            Creative work (audio, visual, or literary work)

•            Creative design (brand logo, pattern, textile, architecture and other)

•            Industrial design (technical schematic, plans, process and other)

•            Code (for software, applications, games and other)

•            Research (lab notes, reports or other findings)

•            Data (AI algorithm training, genetic sequencing and other)

•            Digitally signed document (contracts, letters, certificates and other)

•            Other (e.g. damage documentation or unsigned documents)

You can find out more at https://wipoproof.wipo.int/wdts/