Visual search for TMview extended to Ireland and Slovakia

TMview’s visual search facility, which allows users to search for trade marks in the world’s largest free, online trade mark database, has been extended to two more national intellectual property offices.

The Irish Patents Offices (IPO) and Slovakia (SKIPO) have enabled the functionality of TMview’s visual search facility with their trade mark databases. This allows for the image search function to be used on trade marks from these countries that have an image, further enriching TMview as a whole.

The extension to these Offices in TMview’s visual search follows the addition of Estonia, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, UK, Malta, Sweden and Italy, bringing the total number of countries participating to 13. The EUIPO aims to further extend this functionality to other Intellectual Property Offices. 

In 2017, an image search facility was implemented within TMview for trade marks from the UK Intellectual Property Office, the French Intellectual Property Office and the EUIPO on a pilot basis.

The extended visual search is a result of the work undertaken through the European Cooperation Projects at the EUIPO.

Visual search in TMview:

There are just 3 steps to follow when searching for images in TMview:

Step 1:

Click on the camera icon Visual-Search-camera to display the ‘Drag and drop or upload image' box.

Step 2:

You can drag and drop an image into the search field in the 4 formats accepted: JPG, PNG, GIF and TIFF. Or you can click on the cloud icon to the right of the box to upload a saved image from your computer.

Step 3:

Once your image is uploaded, you can use the red box which appears around the image to select the area you want to search for.

You can use the two icons at the bottom of the search field to display your results in gallery mode or in list mode.

And you can search for colour per se marks too.