CP13 Common Practice has been published on EUIPN website

The CP13 Common Practice (Trade mark applications made in bad faith) provides common understandings of the general notion of bad faith in trade mark applications and other concepts, including terminology, related to the assessment of bad faith and some scenarios. It also includes an agreement on common factors for the assessment of bad faith in trade mark applications.

The document was made publicly available through the release of the Common Communication on 22 March 2024, signalling the beginning of the 3-month implementation period by MS IPOs. The Common Communication contains:

  • A summary of the Common Practice
  • A hyperlink to the ‘Overview of Implementations’, which provides the proceedings and dates on which the Common Practice will be implemented by the MS IPOs, in addition to relevant information regarding the bad faith provisions of the TMD that have been transposed by each Member State.
  • The full text of the Common Practice attached as an annex.

The CP13 Common Practice is available on the EUIPN website in 23 EU languages.

The CP13 Common Practice is the outcome of consultations and contributions from EUIPN stakeholders over the past two years. The Working Group, composed of experts from MS IPOs, the EUIPO, and User Associations, played a central role in the drafting of the document.

All stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of CP13 are thanked for their continued efforts to enhance the European trade mark landscape.

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