BEWARE - Misleading IP emails and invoices

The IPOI has become aware that Irish businesses have been the target of unsolicited emails with the below trade mark registration offer;

‘Dear Sir/Madam,

Yesterday we received an application for the trademark registration of (your brand). This application was not filed by you or your company, but by a third party, as we observed from the application forms. During our screening, we noticed that you have a similar company name, but in a different sector. Given the fact that your company was the first to be registered with the Companies Registration Office, you have the first option of registering this brand name. If you would rather not have the other party use this brand name, please let us know. In that case, you can register the trademark for yourself. If you want to register the trademark in Ireland, the costs are €599 excluding VAT. Your registration will be processed within 24 hours. A specification of the fees for a European or international registration is published on our website. Please let me know within three business days whether you wish to make use of this offer. If you do not respond or are not interested, we will approve the other party's application, which means that they will obtain the trademark rights to (your brand).

Please be reassured that the only offices which have authority to provide legal protection for patents, designs and trade marks in Ireland are the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland, the European Patent Office and European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office on 056 7720111 or if you are in any doubt about correspondence you have received or visit EUIPO Misleading invoices ( information on IP Scams.