Trade Mark Forms

Listed below are files in Word and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file format or links to where the appropriate forms are available.

Please note: Where required under legislation applicant details will be entered in the Office’s Trade Marks Register and databases which are made available to the public for consultation and inspection.  Further information may be found on the Office's Privacy Policy

DetailsWord VersionPDF Version
Application to register a Trade MarkTM application form

TM application form

Guide to completing the Application FormCompleting the form
Application to Register details of an Assignment/Change of Proprietorship/Change of Legal StatusTrade Mark Assignment FormTrade Mark Assignment Form
Application to register details of a LicenceTrade Mark LicenceTrade Mark Licence
Application to register details of a Security InterestTrade Mark Security InterestTrade Mark Security Interest
Application to the Controller under Regulation 21(2) of Trade Marks (Madrid Protocol) Regulations, 2001Form No. 2MForm No. 2M

European and International Application Forms

Application for a European Union Trade MarkEUIPO
Checklist for European Union Trade Mark ApplicationEUIPO
International Application FormWIPO