Law and Practise


Here you can find legal information on intellectual property law. You can get an overview of the most recent national developments in the field of intellectual property and information on ongoing legislative reforms. You can also find links to relevant Irish legislation.

Practice Guidelines and Procedures

On this page you will find the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland current practices reflected in a series of Guidelines that are intended to serve as a main point of reference for users and professional advisers alike to ensure that they have the latest information on our examination practices.  They contain general instructions, however, they are not legislative texts and, therefore, they are not binding.

Registered IP Agents

Patent and Trade Mark attorneys are experts in law and technology. They can advise you competently at each and every stage, from the recognition of an invention right up to enforcing patent rights against third parties.

Register of Patent AgentsRegister of Trade Mark Agents


Search the IPOI Journal for IP applications filed, published, and granted

Written Grounds

Search here for published Written Grounds as a result of Hearings.