About the Office Journal

The Office publishes the Journal of the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland fortnightly.  It is published in two parts.

Part 1 concerns patents and designs and includes information under a number of headings including:

  • Patent applications filed
  • Applications published
  • Patents granted
  • European Patents granted designating the State
  • Applications lapsed
  • Applications withdrawn, deemed withdrawn or refused.
  • Patents expired
  • Proceedings under the Patents Act, 1992
  • Matters concerning Supplementary Protection Certificates.
  • Designs Registered
  • Designs Renewed

Part II of the Journal contains information relating to trade marks including:

  • Trade Mark applications filed
  • Oppositions under Section 43
  • Application(s) Amended
  • Application(s) Withdrawn
  • Trade Marks Registered
  • Trade Marks Renewed
  • Application(s) for Leave to Alter Registered Trade Mark(s)
  • Leave to Alter Registered Trade Mark(s) Granted
  • Trade Marks Restored
  • International Registrations under the Madrid Protocol
  • International Trade Marks Protected
  • Cancellations effected under the Madrid Protocol

The Office provides an interactive, on-line version of the Journal, including search facilities.  Journals may be viewed online via the website or consulted on request at our office in Kilkenny.